Public-Health Oriented Patent Pooling towards developing drugs and vaccines to treat novel Corona Virus

Patent pools have existed for quite a few years now in the other technology fields, however, with Unitaid establishing the first medicines patent pool in 2010, the concept had its foot print in public health. The primary objective of adopting the patent pool model in public health is to ensure affordable access to existing and new treatments and medicines to low and middle income countries.


Developing a coronavirus drug is the topmost priority of every country and given the seriousness of the matter, WHO has been asked by the Costa Rican government to create a voluntary patent pool, this time not with the set goal to provide affordable access to new medicines but to share research, technology, regulatory test data and other important information to expedite development of drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics for countering the deadly pandemic.


Multiple patent applications have been filed to claiming vaccines for coronavirus, however, in view of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, it is of utmost importance that disconnected and individual efforts must be put together through the concept of "patent pool modelling". We are racing against the clock and to find a "novel” solution to the "novel” coronavirus in no time, patent pools should help with more research institutes, drug manufacturers, non-profit organizations, governments, industries coming together to share their research for saving the mankind.