Indian Patent Office

At L.S Davar & Co, we have IP attorneys who high level of techno-legal competence coupled with rich and diverse experience in handling patent related matters from myriad domains. Our Attorneys on-board have displayed incredible capabilities in maximizing returns from the patents for our global clientele.


We Assist Clients In:

  • Providing advisory on patent protection in India including the Indian sub-continent.
  • Providing actionable insights with our tech enabled, world-class, patent search and analytics capabilities including, but not limited to prior-art searches, validity/invalidity searches, knockout searches, Landscape analysis, Freedom-to-operate Opinions etc.
  • Drafting and preparing customized and high quality patent applications compliant with the Indian and global patent laws and practises.
  • Preparing, filing, prosecuting and registering of International Applications (PCT and Convention)
  • Prosecuting patent applications before the patent offices while ensuring the client gets a desired claim scope
  • Maintainence formalities to keep in force all granted patents
  • contentious proceedings (oppositions, revocations, invalidity) before the Indian Patent Offices, the Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB), and the courts.
  • preparing strategy for executing agreements defining ownerships such as licensing, assignments, technology transfer etc.
  • Preparation of Intellectual property related agreements ensuring enforceability and completeness.
  • Negotiate and prepare for commercial-IP licensing negotiations.
  • Providing Advisory related to patent infringement and licensing and freedom to operate in a jurisdiction.
  • Providing litigation support in disputes concerning patent infringement and patent enforcement.
  • General Advisory on various Intellectual Property rights to start-ups, small-medium size enterprises, and government agencies.

Overall View of Indian IPR System

In India, patents are administered by the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks known as CGPDTM. The office is located in Mumbai.


There Are Various Offices That Come Under The Purview Of CGPDTM: 


  • The Patent Offices at Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai
  • The Patent Information System (PIS) at Nagpur
  • The Trade Mark Registry at Ahmedabad, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai
  • The Geographical Indications Registry (GIR) at Chennai.
  • The official website of CGPDTM contains all the information about laws, bye-laws, and rules administered by all the above offices. They also provide a public search facility of all IP records for the public. One can also find out the latest IP related notices and new from their office.


What Does The Patent Office Do?


The Patent Office is responsible for making sure that function such as the grant of patents, renewal of existing patents, restoring patents that are lapsed, licenses for use of patents, filing details of patent agents, etc. They work in a professional manner to ensure that everyything is done in the right manner.


The patent office is located at Kolkata and it has its branch offices in Chennai, Delhi & Mumbai. The branches take care of all patent-related work from their own territories.





  • Your personal details such as Full Name, Address, Nationality, etc. If more than 1 person is filing for a joint patent then you need to give details of each individual.
  • Details such as specification, drawings, explanations, etc. for your patent - in English. If this priority document is in a language other than English then you need to file a certified     English translation of the priority document within 3 months of your first communication with the patent office.
  • A POA. You need to file this within 3 months from the date you file details with the Indian Patent Office
  • All the forms duly completed. The patent office will give you all the prescribed forms depending on your patent category when you initiate the process for filing of your patent.